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Pipes & Tobacco

Pipes & Tobacco

64 items

Cornell & Diehl

Cornell & Diehl - Jolly Old St. Nicholas


A largesse of St. Nick's personal smoking mixture, this magical blend combines the finest golden Virginias with mellow Black Cavendish and a whisper of genuine St. James Perique for complex tobacco...


Savinelli - Oceano Rusticated (606 KS) (6mm)


The blue and white acrylic stem is a tribute to the foaming ocean. Two different finishes: smooth burgundy and rusticated burgundy. A little white ring links the stem and shank colours. Here we pro...


Savinelli - Trevi Rusticated (111 KS) (6mm)


Trevi fountain in Rome is known all over the world and this series as well has had a huge success. The band with aluminum inlays shines like the roman epoque magnificence. Rustic, black finishing. ...


Savinelli - Oscar Rusticated (111 KS) (6mm)


The "New Oscar" line offers Savinelli's most classic shapes in a sophisticated, bold combination of deep, smoldering rustication and bright accents. The presentation makes for a handsome, classic a...