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Smoking Pipes Accessories

Smoking Pipes Accessories

6 items

B. J. Long

B. J. Long - Bristle Pipe Cleaners (pack of 40)


These standard-length, bristled pipe cleaners from B.J. Long are more durable and abrasive than regular or fluffy pipe cleaners, making them perfect for restoring old pipes or less frequent pipe ma...

B. J. Long

B. J. Long - Regular Pipe Cleaners (pack of 56)


These standard-sized, cotton pipe cleaners from B.J. Long are a pipe smoker's best friend, designed to aid in regular pipe maintenance, including cleaning before, during, or after a smoke.


Brown Folding Pipe Stand


While some pipes may sit stably on a flat surface all on their own, bent shapes or those with more rounded bowls can tip over when placed down. Simple in design, less expensive than a soda at your ...


Czech Pipe Tool


The classic 3-way Czech pipe tool, as made in the Czech Republic. It features a tamper, a pick, and a little scoop, and is made from heavy-gauge sheet steel with a brass bushing.


Kiribi - Lighter Flints


If you have a Kiribi lighter, eventually you're going to need some flints. Instead of playing guesswork and trial-and-error as to what other brands of flint will or will not fit properly, the natur...


Peterson - Grafton Leather Pipe Stand


From pipe pouches to rustic tampers and sleek lighters, Peterson's range of accessories complement the Irish manufacturer's long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, with each accessory custom desi...